It’s a well-established tenet that cross-training can be a big help to athletes. And for tennis players at Los Cab, there are plenty of other physical activities they can engage in at the club to improve performance on the courts.

“TRX is a great way to work on the same types of movements that you’re doing on the tennis court,” said Head Fitness Trainer Peggy Pocher. “You get a lot of the rotational movements and the core strength and stability that are important in the sport. It’s the same with CXWORX, and I’m a big proponent of Pilates, so I think trying that could be very helpful.”

Pocher said Bodypump is also useful for building strength and endurance in tennis players. HIIT and EDGE classes are great for cardio and agility. “Any of those activities will help develop and maintain the flexibility, strength, and endurance that you need for tennis,” Pocher said. “You need to do a variety of different exercises to help avoid overuse injuries. Also, our bodies get used to doing the same thing over and over, so if you’re only doing one type of workout, you’re going to hit a ceiling as far as the effectiveness of the activity.”

Tracy Harris, who works at the tennis desk, agreed on the importance of doing something other than playing matches and hitting balls endlessly. “Whether you work out in the gym doing cardio or weights, or you take the classes we offer, all of those things can help,” she said.


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