SWIM Leisure & Training

From lap swimming or a refreshing dip in the Club’s heated 50-meter Olympic-size pool to cross-training, swim lessons and physical therapy.

A wide range of aquatics classes affords options for members of all ages and levels of fitness. With four pools to choose from, members can enjoy a host of aquatic activities.

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Aquatics Classes


This shallow water class is a non-stop aerobic challenge. We focus on strength, toning, cardiovascular conditioning, range of motion, and flexibility. Great class for all fitness levels!


30 minutes of a variety of abdominal exercises; introducing new techniques and resistance training methods. This workout confirms that the water is an excellent environment to build strong abdominals for healthy posture and core strength.


One hour class that immediately follows All Abs class. This deep water class is the ultimate in cardiovascular training. This high-intensity 45-minute cardio blast with interval training will stretch your fitness level and endurance. A flotation belt is recommended for maximum effect.


This one-hour cardiovascular class in the deep water is ideal for endurance training. Experience the principles and parameters for deep water aerobics, with tools for higher intensity intervals, power moves and distance running. The class will help build stamina and endurance.


Suitable for all swimmers, beginner to advanced. Learn stroke refinement and how to be a more efficient swimmer!! The class incorporates drills designed to improve swimming skills as well as structured workouts designed to develop endurance.


This one-hour class is designed to work the total body. The focus is increasing core body strength, endurance, and flexibility. All levels are welcome and we encourage everyone to perform physical movement at their own pace.

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