Peggy Pocher rarely slows down. As the head fitness trainer at Los Cab Sports Village, being in constant motion is essentially part of her job description. For nearly two decades, she has been providing personal training, teaching various fitness classes and serving as the de facto dean of fitness at the club. Here are some of her thoughts on fitness, training and her time at Los Cab Sports Village:


Q. How long have you been a fitness trainer, and how long have you been at Los Cab?

A. I have been here since May 2000 and a fitness trainer since 2002.


Q. What do you like most about what you do?

A. I like to have a positive influence on people’s health and well-being and like to think I help people change their lives. I come to know these people and their situations, and very much enjoy helping them overcome their challenges to realize how strong they are in more ways than just physical.

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