Los Cab Fitness Trainer

Los Cab Fitness Trainer


Certifications & Specializations:
ACE Aqua Certified / ACE Nutrition & Pilates Certified / IDEA Certified

Karen has been in the fitness field for many years. She began as a group training instructor then moved on to personal training. In the late 1990ʼs, she found her “nitch” when she was introduced to Pilates exercise. After extensive training, Karen brought her popular Pilates Program to Los Cab. Karen works with clients ranging from teens to eighties and elite athletes to those with limitations. This work can be adapted to all ages and fitness levels. She still loves to be on the fitness floor working with the strength equipment. She feels these two disciplines are a great complement to each other.


Los Cab Fitness Trainer


Certifications & Specializations:
ACE Certified Personal Trainer / NASM Certified Personal Trainer / RSA Fitness Instructor / Pre/Post Natal Fitness Specialist / Postural Reconstruction Specialist / Post Rehab Fitness Specialist / Senior Training Specialist / Balance Training Specialist

A personal trainer at Los Cab since 1992, many of her clients have been with her for 12 – 20 years. She is also gifted at helping newcomers develop fitness programs which are suited to their lifestyle, physical condition, and time availability. She works with people who struggle with a variety of physical challenges such as balance problems, rheumatoid arthritis, and knee/hip replacements. Roxanne is celebrating her 40th consecutive year of walking from 4 – 10 miles a day. She started at a very young age and continues to practice what she preaches. The frequent laughter that is often heard in the fitness center reflects her emphasis on making workouts a fun experience.


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