Devotees to Bodypump and CXWORK fitness routines are in for a treat with the arrival of the new year, as both are set to unveil their regular program re-launches along with some new and improved equipment for use in the popular classes that begin in January.

“Both Bodypump and CXWORX are Les Mills programs that are popular all over the world,” said Fitness Director Marianne Grossman. “The programs stay fresh because every quarter a new release comes out, which has updated music and totally new choreography. It’s an exciting time for both the instructors and the members.”

In addition, Los Cab has purchased 20 sets of SmartBars to replace its current Bodypump equipment. The new gear is easier to work with and the plates are designed so they can be held separately for various moves. It is also quicker and easier to change weights between exercises.


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