For basketball players of all levels, there’s no skill more important to master than the art of shooting. And Los Cab offers kids a great way to establish fundamentals and improve their skills on the hardwood. The Jumpshot Doc program provides personalized instruction from Coach Matt Beeuwsaert (“Coach Beez”), a former Mater Dei standout who played in college at Notre Dame and Cal before a 10-year professional career in Europe.

“The number one benefit of The Jump- shot Doctor program is that it teaches each individual player how to master the art of shooting a basketball,” Beeuwsaert said.

Utilizing the two indoor courts at Los Cab, The Jumpshot Doc is set up as a series of three 20-minute stations. The first is a ball-handling station where players work on dribbling skills to improve, but also to strengthen fingers and wrists for shooting. The second station consists of private instruction with Coach Beez, where he teaches the fundamentals and mechanics of shooting. The final portion is the independent shooting station, where players are asked to apply what they have learned.

At this station, the Noah System tracks players’ progress and provides analytics that measure each shot providing instant, verbal feedback after each rep, allowing players to correct their form in real time. Currently, the program is offering a free session to three lucky raffle winners. Parents can enter for their kids 10 and older by emailing Coach Beez at basketball with-, and winners will be selected randomly at the end of March. Go to Academy page:


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